A Skewed Series by the Numbers (for all you bitches and bitchettes)

They will judge you by the numbers.  That is all that matters.  The inches.  The scrapping.  The fighting.  The free throws.  The heart.  The determination.  The willingness to persevere.  The morbid obsession with competing.

One of those sentences does not belong. *wink*

I love my Lakers.  They teach me how to play basketball better.  I win often at the local gym because I overcoach my teammates and annoy them into basic pick & roll and triangle plays until we win 4-5 games in a row.  That said, this series is skewed.  I R Not Jus Sum Kid Postin Shyt Wit No EXZAMPULZ N Shyt


Inform yourself, and stay thirsty, my friends.



Stats per game so far this series:

Durant: 27 points, 9 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 5 turnovers in 39 minutes 38% FG%

Bryant: 24 points, 4 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 3 turnovers in 39 minutes 38% FG%

That is, by definition, statistically 'very similar.' If I used the wrong vernacular on accident and used a simile to 'very similar' then feel free to shit on yourself or whatever will make you feel better.

I'm not done, though, lets LOOK DEEPER INTO THE STATS.

Durants 3pt% is %25 while Kobe's soars at %40. Well, if they have scored near the same amount, shot near the same amount, yet Kobe's 3pt% is much higher, how does Durant score more points per game? FREE THROWS. Thanks good old David and Stu, my best and favorite buddies! (I'm joking, you see, I don't actually blame them, this is fun for me)

Lets to go Hoop Data:

DURANT total FT shot: 41

Bryant total FT shot: 29

Durant shots near Basket: 24

Bryant shots near Basket: 26

they shoot identical shots, except, almost Immediately OUT OF THIN AIR, Kobe no longer is fouled while shooting and Durant earns, statistically, 'almost' twice as many free throws per shot attempt as the best player behind Lebron James.



MORE?  Okay... just for shambles and giggles...

OKC does draw more fouls. But 20+ MORE FREE THROWS per game? NO. You are wrong there. Oklahoma City average 33 Free throws per game, and gives up 30 free throws per game. WHICH MEANS, THEY FOUL A LOT AND ARE FOULED A LOT. Lets compare that to LA. We shoot, on average,29 free throws, and let the other team shoot 26, on average. LA IS NOT A FOULING TEAM. This is well known. Look, I'm giving you cold, hard, facts. You can argue all you want but facts are facts, and truth is truth. Somehow, in Two games, Oklahoma City became the most efficient team in the NBA, lowering their propensity to foul by almost 50% and raising their propensity to be fouled by almost 50%. This level of efficiency against one of the leagues BEST DEFENSES (TOP 3) is not only staggering, but highly, HIGHLY, highly improbable.

I'm not saying the Lakers should complain; they should win and keep their mouths shut. What I am saying is... realize what is Actually happening.

What about other series?!  Is the same thing occuring?


OK. I'll look at the Suns/Blazers hoopdata. Watching the game, though, it looked like down the stretch both teams just had a horrible time scoring the ball. There was a needless flagrant called on Channing Frye that was unnecessary, but PHX couldn't score when Portland bottled up Amare. Then Portland made a few lucky shots and that was that.

PHX took 21 free throws, Portland took 28.

PHX took 34 shots near the rim or closer than 10 feet, and Portland took 27.

This is exactly what a balanced box score looks like.

See my point?

For fun, I checked the Chicago/Cleveland game...

CLE took 34 FT, CHI took 32

CLE shot 36 close to the goal, CHI shot 38

See... these are even box scores that represent a normality when compared to shots taken at the rim relating to foul shots. My point is getting more solid by the moment. Sadly, the Lake show got the shit beat out of them in game four, and they couldn't even stay close because their outside shooting was a performance art in Shit Manifestation

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