World Expected to End! Forecast:Apocalypse


If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan you already know whats going to happen:The world is going to end


Call your loved ones,go do all the things you have never done. The world is ending. Please join me in this mass hysteria after the jump

Disclaimer:Czheck is not responsible if the world does end,but he will take credit for it

Somewhere in Oklahoma there is a building (not verified) there are people in said building (again not verified) why care about one building in a made up place? Because thats where we first learned the world was going to end


Over the last 24 hours scientists have concluded that we are all going to die,very sad stuff. Life is not a bag of sunshine


Our lord and savior Brian Shaw delivered the sad news via twitter@BrianShawpwnsyoursoul "im sry folks it looks like the show is over,i have informed the council of doom to do there worst"


Contrary to common knowledge this is not the first time the world has ended. The following photo was taken last year when the L.A Lakers lost a road game to the Utah Jazz


Me and my fellow historians (Historyanas?) have concluded that the world has ended 272 times in the past 60 years alone,I wouldn't have a nobel prize if i did not offer some evidence well BLAM Proof the world has ended 272 times

The Council of Heros has met and delivered the following statement "oh no we suck again!" in attendance for said meeting: Macgyver,Aqua Man,Adam Morrison,Samuel L. Jackson,The Invisible Woman,Kevin Bacon,Special Agent Dale Cooper,and David Duchovny (Mulder from X-Files)





Who is at fault for this sudden destruction of the world? Well the lamest collection of mortals since "Weekend at Bernie's" 


So if my research is correct the offenders of justice are a group of robots named "The Thunder" how original i guess the name "The Wind" was already taken. Can you imagine that "Ladies and gentleman can you smell that? its the wind!". Back to my rant, sometime after these events

It became widely known that the world was going to end,people flooded the streets with signs "why have your forsaken us?" and "Blame these refs" and my personal favorite "Trade Kobe he sucks so bad in the 4th qtr"

Someplace somewhere Emilio Estevez is laughing but nobody cares.

In times like these ours eyes search for answers and reasons,well folks how can you answer a question you cant see? Who are you going to call? Nope not ghost busters,but me. yes thats right,i am going to save the world,maybe not today but def before Tuesday thats if i can find some bus money,and my shoes that i threw last night,im guessing they are still in the TV i inserted them into.


Some would argue that losing one game is not the end of the world,well guess what they could not be more wrong


Could a picture this horrible be drawn if the world was not about to end? No way

Im sure somewhere there is a 90s song that explains exactly what happened last night but nobody wants to hear that.

I understand you are upset at Kobe Bryant for being so horrible and not leading you to a 16-0 playoff run,thats understandable. On behalf of Kobe im sorry. Do you feel better?

Kobe should pass more,we should run this so called "Triangle" that everybody talks about,but at the end of the day the Thunder are who we thought they where,thats why we took the court,and if you want to crown there ass,crown them,but they are who we thought they where,and we let them off the hook.


Im not going to sugar coat it people the lakers are going to win the championship again



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