Ok, so right now I'm pissed. I go to the little profound explanation of the season and I see complaining about players, coaches, ticket prices, all of this stuff. We are acting as if we're rooting for the freaking Knicks. Do we realize how lucky we are as a fanbase to have a team that willingly spends and goes over the luxury tax to put one of the best teams in the league together? Would you rather go to New Orleans and watch them penny-pinch great players out of the organization? Or the Clippers or Warriors and watch them just FUCK UP year after year? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?

Kobe needs to watch the game on the sidelines. Bullshit, sit in treatment and watch the game in the locker room so you can be back asap cuz we need you in the clutch. I could care less what you have to say in the huddle because if they're not getting it by now, you repeating it in a suit will not help.

Pau needs to be better in the clutch. True but also bullshit cuz if we gave it to him in the first place we wouldn't need him in the clutch even half as often as we have.

Fisher needs to sit. wah wah, we know Phil isn't sitting him anytime soon. We've griped and moaned about it for the past 4 months, its not gonna change, stop worrying about it.

Phil you've got crazy rotations. You know Bulls fans used to complain about his rotations too. Guess we all forgot that once he won 6 F***ING RINGS and two other playoff teams that were good as well just happened to run into a couple better teams. 

I pay too much to see the Lakers play terrible. Big F***ING deal. Go pay for a D-League game and watch them play. Phil could care less if you paid to watch Kobe play. We're truly spoiled a a fanbase when we have a 50+ win team on its way to the playoffs for the third straight year and we consider this underachieving because our team has Artest, Kobe, Gasol, and Odom. Newsflash, Artest is a streaky shooter, he's not going to be on every night. Kobe is a jump shooter not a post player he's not going to take it in for every shot. Gasol is a wonderfully overrated PF, whose profile expanded when he went to the Lakers. I'm not saying he's not good because he's excellent but #1 PF hell no. There are other players who can shoot and post up just like him but stronger and can hold their own against bigger players. His biggest asset to us is his passing out of the post because we can get practically any PF we want to that can score. Odom is and has always been a streak player. I love to see Odom when he's driving and posting and asserting himself but I've long given up on trying to see him do it every game. He doesn't and he won't. For a series of games maybe he will, but lets not kid ourselves into thinking that he'll be that Lebron type player who does what he does every game. You pick your poison with tickets. You either buy them to watch those precious moments of the game that you'll relive over and over or you may get a dud game that you wouldn't have even watched on tv. 

The Lakers don't beat up enough on teams. Goddamn it. I suppose you probably punched Kentucky in the mouth for losing in March Madness. Or Kansas. Or any of the other 1 seeds that have bad games and lose. Its never all rosy pictures with hot girls running nude over the beach. You're not always gonna get what you want just because on paper we have one of the best teams in the league. Is this really even a complaint? Would we really rather watch the opposite and see our teams try so hard only to barely get beat by the Lakers?

What I'm getting to is the fact that so many other teams do not have anywhere near this long of a list of complaints asides from the Knicks, I mean Isaiah did draft Reynaldo Balkman. We are fans of one of the great franchises of the NBA. There will be good years. There will be bad years. This is one of the betweener years where it has been both good and bad. These are the growing pains of a champion. Hell, I'm sure Cleveland was pissed the year after they made it to the finals to not even get there again. Same with San Antonio. Same with the Celtics last year. Can you imagine how Spurs fans felt all those years they had to be tortured with the fact that they had to watch on the sidelines. Can you imagine how Dallas fans felt when they got beat by the freaking Warriors in the first round after like their best season ever? We haven't even felt the real pains of being die hards in the past decade. We've missed the playoffs once. We've had two first-round exits. Two finals losses, as much as they hurt. But as a fanbase we've cheered on a three-peat. We've cheered for Kobe hitting 81. We've cheered for us to be up 3-1, and then lose 4-3. We've cheered for the Machine to be on fire through the playoffs. We've cheered for Kobe to win his first MVP after being robbed so many other times. We've cheered for our first post-Shaq championship. We've cheered for more buzzer-beaters than any other team. We have one of the most hated players in all of sports just because he's a winner and he knows it. We have one of the most hated teams in all of sports because they're winners and we know it. Charlotte hates us for giving them Divac. New York loves us for their newest guard acquisition. Boston loves to hate us and we love to hate them. THE LAKERS ARE THE MEASURING STICK OF THE NBA. No other team can say that and haven't been able to for the past three years. How good are the teams in the NBA this year? Well, most would STILL say it starts at the top with the LAKERS. Not the Cavs. Not the Magic. Not the Celtics. Not the Blazers. Not the Nuggets. Not the Spurs. Not the Bobcats. Not the Bucks. Not any other team in the league. It is the Lakers. The measuring stick for every team is what are their advantages and disadvantages against the Lakers. KOBE IS STILL THE MEASURING STICK FOR THE BEST PLAYERS. Lebron does his thing, but who do they compare him to? Kobe/Jordan/Magic. Who do they compare Durant to? Kobe. Who do they compare Wade to? Kobe/Jordan. Who do they compare Roy to? Kobe. There is not an article you will find that does not reference Kobe as a way to compare skill levels. Find me one and I'll show you one whose trying to look at stats and not substance, i.e. Kelly Dwyer types who ignore the skill and what they see but love the advanced statistics.

Look, I'm not saying that we have no right to complain about the way the season has turned out, but we've gone past that. We're talking about ticket prices. We're talking about underachievement. We''re talking about a lack of blowouts. Do you know how many teams would love to just have a blowout? Just one blowout that wasn't against them instead of for them. Pessimism is good to acknowledge where the faults in a system are. But the tone around here lately has been all pessimism from some, not our lovely blog managers thankfully. I just don't want us to have to resort to stupid things like Weekly Optimism to make ourselves feel better.

*Deep sigh... I feel so much better after writing this. Its like all anxiety has been let go. Don't care how you respond to this. Call me an idiot. Call me crazy. I don't care, but this pessimistic tone to these fanposts are ridiculous. HCA is not something champions shoot for. We don't aspire to have HCA to make it easier on ourselves. We aspire to have the best team possible to beat someone on their homecourt so we can dance and party after we beat them there and watch them helplessly look on the sideline. 

This is what I want to see...



I could care less about anything else.

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