Do you think people will forget Kobe?

Now, I frequent the Cavs blog often. Mostly cuz I can't always watch Cavs games so I go to see what they say about them. I also go there to see the ridiculousness that is some Cleveland fans. Now, I'm not big on Kobe-Lebron debates anymore just because I'll never change my mind and its hard to find any reasonable enough fan of basketball to truly discuss them. But this is just one ridiculous quote that I thought I would share. A contributor, writes about his opinion on who he would take Kobe or Lebron, and he was fairly accurate about where people's opinions lie on both players. It goes as follows:

"If you would appreciate an honest answer coming from a huge LBJ fan, i would say that Lebron is far more athletic as Kobe has ever been, making Leborn an obvious choice as far as who would have been better had they started at the same time.
Kobe has by far been luckier to have had the type of organization like the Lakers to surround him with some of the games greatest players, he was also lucky enough to play alongside Shaquille Oneal at his prime.
Lebron is far more dominating on and off the ball, Lebron almost always makes his presence felt on every single play, the guy is like a great white shark swimming in a pool of monk seals, but Kobe stands out to me as the better clutch shooter.
Kobe can also score the ball easier than James can, he has so many different ways he can score and he is such a great shooter, but LBJ is the better teammate simply because he makes everyone around him better because of his court vision.
Overall i would say they both bring different aspects to the game that cancels out each of their strengths and weaknesses (ie kobe scores easy but fails to make his teammates better, Lebron doesnt shoot as well as Bryant but he doesnt need to when hes setting up others to score)"


But then he ends it as such:

"Kobe needs to play with stars because he’s that obvious! everyone in the building knows hes the go to guy. Lebron does not need stars, i mean he makes JJ Hickson look like Shawn Kemp!

my breakdown?…..Kobe is a 9.3 and Lebron is a 9.25…simply because he has no rings…when that changes, no one will remember Kobe…and that is the truth, not being sarcastic on that one."


I responded already with the usual 81-pt game, highest scoring Laker, yada yada yada. But I was just curious on your thoughts. Will people forget Kobe not just because of Lebron, but in the waning years ten-twenty years later, will he be talked about like Magic or will he be talked about like Norm Nixon?

By the way, I won't say who it was because I know some are overzealous in their actions and I'm sure he doesn't need anyone coming at him about something as minor as this.

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