Hey Mitch, I Got An Idea! How About A 5 Team Trade!

Mitch, wouldn't you want an almost guaranteed trip the finals for the next few years, and the best possibility of getting 3 or 4 more championship banners in the Staples Center? (barring any injuries)

I posted this trade on another FanPost and thought it should get some more attention. Check out this ridiculous trade, that actually works and makes sense for all teams involved.

In a 5 team deal, involving Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Minnesota and The Lakers:

Bulls receive: Adam Morrison, Luke Ridnour, Jordan Farmar, Sasha PavlovicLuke Walton
Bucks receive: Derek Fisher, & John Salmons
Pistons receive: Tyrus Thomas, DJ Mbenga or Josh PowellDamien Wilkins
Wolves receive: Sasha Vujacic
Lakers receive: Tayshaun Prince, Kurt ThomasKirk Hinrich

Why it makes sense:

The Bulls receive an extra15 million in cap space for next summer. That would give them roughly 38 million to go and spend next summer. That should be plenty of cap space to go out and get a big name or two, to play along side Rose, Deng & Noah. However, in order to get all of these expiring contracts, they will need to take on Luke Walton’s horrible contract. They gave up 2 horrible contracts, in Hinrich and Salmons, and receive one in return. Seems reasonable when you are getting that much extra cap space. 

The Bucks can cut 5 million off their payroll (and effectively off of their luxury tax) by making this deal and buying out Fisher. So you really save around 10 million, by buying out Fisher's contract. Salmons is a decent piece to get, while not having to give up much. You never know what you are going to get with Redd, so Salmons is almost his insurance policy. If Redd comes back next year healthy????, you can turn around and trade Salmons' expiring contract for another piece to your team. Fisher sits out for 30 days after his buyout and returns to the Lakers 13 games before the playoffs.

The Pistons receive a promising young player in Thomas. Another young player they can build around. However, the main reason for making this trade it to put them under the cap so they will have no luxury tax. By trading Prince's 10.3 million contract and taking on 3 players that equal 9.3 million, you put yourself $100,000 below the luxury tax. And, if I'm not mistaken, this is why the Pistons are shopping Prince and Hamilton.

The Wolves receive a player who their coach, Kurt Rambis, is very fond of and can be a teacher of the triangle to the team. You dont really give up any key pieces in your rebuilding process. Wilkens and Pavlovic are both expendable. Sasha can help bring the young players along in learning the triangle offense. He can be an extension of Rambis, while he is on the court. The Wolves also are needing a sg to play behind Brewer, and have a lot of sf's that they can part with. 

And for the Lakers.... well, you get rid of some awful contracts and receive 3 key bench pieces in return. Yes, you pay a little more now, but getting rid of Sasha and luke’s contracts have got to feel good. Plus, Thomas’ 3.6 million dollar contract is an expiring one. So, you can essentially try and resign him in the summer for much cheaper. You get the defensive pg you were after, along with a backup defensive center who can bang with the bigs and give up some fouls. You also receive another defensive player in Prince, who, along with Ron, would disrupt alot of other teams stars in the playoffs. I know Prince is a little expensive, but his deal is only 2 years and he is a much better player than Sasha, who also was on a 2 year deal. The Lakers turn around and sign Fisher for the veterans minimum and sign 2 d-leaguers or waived veterans to fill up their roster. You would then have a ten man rotation going into the playoffs.

Starting 5: Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Bynum
Bench: Hinrich, Brown, Prince, Odom, Thomas

Not too shabby!!!!!


If the Cavs pull off a deal for Jamison, I think the lakers need to counter with something. Even if its packaging Sasha and Morrison for a bench piece. Jamison on that Cavs team makes me nervous. I still like our chances with a healthy team though.

Go Lakeshow!!

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