Sarge's Game ball

This is something new to be started by that dude that likes to shoot stuff and loves to play with explosives when given a chance.

In the first installment of a planned many (depending on how lazy one can be) Sarge will hand out a game ball to who he thinks deserved it most.

Who am I kidding i'm handing this out to whoever makes me happy we won the game! It is a possibility to get a game ball for a loss but that would have to be some SERIOUS consideration on my part. I've seen alot of games over my 34 years of life so sometimes there might not even be a game ball since it just goes to mediocrity.

More after the jump.

After a 4 game losing streak we as fans are all ecstatic to get a win even if it was the "down on their last piece of luck" Sacremento Kings. We had.....or more importantly didnt have a D-fencive leg to stand on. Our "acting" center The Spaniard was ailing from a moons over his hammy injury that was effecting the nucleus of the team. Hey when you want sunny side up and your getting over easy that shit aint good at all. Needless to say we needed this team to provide a better MOAT like crazy!!! Even LEWIS MONROE was getting a little pessimistic and sad at the sight of our ill-fated D.

So off to last nights wonderful game, the starters were kickin some major a$$, but hey even the best need some rest. So the bench was hot off the presses, the D-fensive play of none other than Derrick Caracter or DC coming in using all 275 pounds to throw around and punish whenever possible, the Kings.

So without further ado.......Sarge's 1st Game Ball goes to.......Derrick Caracter!!

This guys performance on both ends of the floor was so...... 19404490855427393_medium MONEY!!!!

He was doin it up the best he could! And since Phil isnt so keen on givin Rooks some major burn time, it is great he stepped up to the plate to feed (literally). He did so well he limited Pau's minutes. This guy was blocking shots and bringing the rain on a nice little dunk and the a bangin ass steal to go with it. He brought so much rain that fused with the pain it brought some religious people to think the end was near.... 194044908828043888_medium 

Although most Lakers fans were not scared.  In fact some Stars were so excited to be watching the Rook phenom that they were just beaming with pride as they talked about the future.. 194044909191385601_medium

With the victory well in hand some peeps were SOOOO excited they did a little bit of mundane celebrating and partying that lasted through the wee hours of the nite. They were so in love with their new shown here.... 194044909736836938_medium

And check out some more Buzz from the stars! They just cant fathom the idea! 194044922562498344h_medium 

So here is to you you young stud Hope you get more time to burn between now and the time Bynum shows back up because i think we are in for some real fun stuff. Hey Sarge understands it was just the Kings but i think you are in for some fun stuff!!

Here at last is your prize.......


Sarge's 1st Game Ball goes to the Rook Derrick Caracter. CHEERS!! 


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