Birthday Dec. 28th

  Hey, Hey, Hey it’s birthday treatment time for Shaqfor3 sing it Paul McCartney

The BEATLES birthday song (via patokaman) -Courtesy of bernel

Quote of the day:

The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness and kindness, can be trained to do most things.
- Jilly Cooper

Quote No. 819

"Your fate more often depends on the opinion of others rather than on facts." -Francesco Guicciardini

SS&R member Facts:

Shaqfor3 has been roaming around here since May 09

Shaqfor3 a college student

You can follow Shaqfor3 on Twitter: and send some more birthday wishes.

Pick One from each line:

Let’s us know what you prefer on your b-day

1.      Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Pineapple Cake or Ice cream Cake

2.      Red Lobsters, McDonalds, Pizza Joint or Club

3.      Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate ice cream, Strawberry ice cream or Cookie Dough ice cream

4.      iPad, Laptop, Zoom Kobe V Del Sol or Clothing

Happy Birthday Shaqfor3, make sure you enjoy your day to the fullest and eat some cake for me. One of the lines I remember from SS&R thread involving you was when Shaq broke the color lines of being a Laker and joined the damn Celtics and a fellow SS&R member said you probably should change your screen name to something else. Can’t remember who exactly made that comment or what thread it was apart of but you might know better then me but anyhow it was good times. By the way I’m in agreement with whomever lol enjoy.

December Capricorns

  • Dec 25 Annie Lennox
  • Dec 31 Anthony Hopkins
  • Dec 25 Barbara Mandrell
  • Dec 28 Denzel Washington
  • Dec 23 Estella Warren
  • Dec 27 Gerard Depardieu
  • Dec 26 Jared Leto
  • Dec 31 John Denver
  • Dec 29 Jude Law
  • Dec 29 Mary Tyler Moore
  • Dec 24 Ricky Martin
  • Dec 29 Ted Danson
  • Dec 30 Tiger Woods
  • Dec 30 Tracey Ullman
  • Dec 31 Val Kilmer

 Birthday list is as followed:   




Big John Stud: Feb. 15

Steve Blake: Feb. 26


Kobe: The Legend: March 2

Matt Barnes: March 9

Brian Shaw: March 22

Luke Walton: March 28


E-Roc: April 2

Purple_gold: April 6

Theo Ratliff: April 17


Bluexfalcon: May 2

Derrick Caracter: May 4


Czheck: June 15

Bernel: June 23

Imposibol: June 29


Pau Gasol: July 6

Joe Smith: July 26


Derek Fisher: August 9

LakerAce: August 18

Kobe Bryant: August 23


Phil Jackson: Sept. 17

Hotmama24: Sept. 23

Gen!e: Sept. 27


LakersFoEva and Timbo: Oct. 1

Andrew Bynum: Oct. 17

Crushmybones: Oct. 24

Devin Ebanks: Oct. 28


Lamar Odom: Nov. 6

Princeton11loveshalos: Nov. 7

Ron Artest: Nov. 13

Jelly Bean: Nov. 17

Altree: Nov. 22

Shannon Brown: Nov. 29


BrittneyM: Dec. 13

CalLadLal Dec. 16

Madmaxx350: Dec. 21

Shaqfor3: Dec. 28

Email me ( folks get you some birthday love and add your name



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