Hey, You. Create Humor. Now! 12/21

Edition 1.2 (season #1, contest #2) of SS&R's unofficially official create-a-caption contest is OVAH. The winner for last week's contest was.................. {drum roll}  ................... bluexfalcon.

Blue has pulled off the comeback of the century!!! Winning the last three weeks, as well as taking 1st and 2nd place in this weeks contest, to take over the leaderboard in comanding fashion. This comeback was so epic, I feel obligated to call it a "2000 WCF Lakers vs Blazers" comeback.


The leader board for the 2nd contest looked like this:

4C (Create-a-Caption Contest Champion) 1.2 Standings:

bluexfalcon:           25 points
LakerAce:              18 points
C.A. Clark:             16 points 
Mike1204:              9 points
Sarge Clemins:      8 points
BruinFan1:             8 points
LakersFoEva:         6 points
gen!e:                    5 points
shoang1993:          5 points
Brian Sherman:      3 points
crushmybones:      3 points
Hensi24:                3 points
shaqfor3:               3 points
SoCalGal:              3 points
hotmama24:           2 points
theshmoes:           1 point


bluexfalcon is the Create-a-Caption Contest Champion 1.2!!!!!!!!

The leader board will be reset this week and the next edition of the contest will go for two months, at which time champion 1.3 will be named. New contest starts NAO!!!

Thanks to everyone that participated and I hope to see you all participate in this week's create-a-caption contest, as everyone has a fresh start. This weeks contest will (most likely) run for 2 weeks. I wont have a ton of free time to sit down at a computer and post a new one cuz we'll be visiting the in-laws for Christmas. If I have some spare time, I'll  throw one together real quick.


Again, this post was created to be a place for random conversations about NOTHING AT ALL. Feel free to post any thoughts you have whether it deals with the caption contest or not.


How points are earned*:
              1st place : 5 points
              2nd place : 4 points
              3rd place : 3 points
              Honorable mention : 2 points
              My favorite comment : 1 point

*points are given out on a weekly basis, and in the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by me (LFE).


See below for bluexfalcon's comment as well as the 2nd place, 3rd place & Honorable Mention captions.


Create-A-Caption Contest Picture - 12/1



1st Place:    bluexfalcon


Andrew: "I’m gonna spend allll my time in South Africa watching the WC. It’s gonna be a blast! I can’t wait!"
Odom: "Sounds good, I’ll be reppin’ USA Ball"
Pau: "I’m going to rest this summer and be fresh all season! Surely my plan has no flaws"

by bluexfalcon on Dec 14, 2010 11:41 AM MST reply actions   13 recs


2nd Place:    bluexfalcon

by bluexfalcon on Dec 14, 2010 12:33 PM MST reply actions   12 recs


3rd Place:     Brian Sherman

Pau: I find your lack of minutes disturbing…
Lamar: Ahhh…back to the bench. I can have my sweet, sweet candy again.
Drew: Oh goody! I get to play basketball again! I’m so happy I could just prance and sing! I feel like a little schoolgirl again!

by Brian Sherman on Dec 14, 2010 2:01 PM MST reply actions   9 recs


Honorable Mention:    LakersFoEva

Because of their extended minutes in the beginning of the season, Odom and Pau are not ammused by Bynum’s immitation of Lebron’s pre-game ritual

by LakersFoEva on Dec 14, 2010 11:17 AM MST reply actions   8 recs


My Favorite Random Comment of the Week:     N/A




Hey, you. Create humor. Now!


via                                                                                                         12/21



4C 1.1 Champion - C.A. Clark

4C 1.2 Champion - bluexfalcon



Remember to have fun. The best remedy for anything in life is laughter.

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