A Guide to Silver Screen and Roll Memes

[This is a brief guide for newbies to get caught up to speed with the various memes/ jokes we post on this blog.]

Brian Shaw


In a blowout loss at Oklahoma City last season, reserve guard Sasha Vujacic got into a heated argument with assistant coach Brian Shaw.  It was rumored that Sasha flipped the bird at Shaw at some point during the whole incident.  As a result of the argument, Sasha did not see any playtime over the next two games and had to apologize to Coach Shaw to get off his shitlist.  

After the incident, we here made a bunch of jokes about how Brian Shaw is the omnipotent force in the universe (aka Chuck Norris) and how random events in history were influenced.  An example of some of the jokes can be found here.

Lewis Monroe


About a day before the LeBron's free agency decision, some random guy left this post on SSR, written in all caps and with poor grammar (oh and the guy never posted/commented on this blog ever again).  Thankfully, the mods decided not to delete this legendary piece of literature, so occasionally you will see around here post phrases from it such as "ANY ONE WNAT SOME OF THIS MONEY, IN IF YOU WANT SOME COME ON IN GET SOME" or other hilarious all caps misspellings such as PAT RAILLY.

LOLcats pictures


These pictures randomly popup on threads and etc.  99% of the time they have to do with cats.

Haters gonna Hate



you will see these pictures/gifs when someone refers to a remark from a hater or critic of the lakers.  

Adam Morrison (AMMO)


Since AMMO came here in a trade for Shannon Brown, he has become a sort of folk hero and legend around here, even though he is no longer with the Lakers.  You will often run into comments or pictures/photoshops that assert his fictitious place in Laker lore and etc.

Build a MOAT


In a preview thread and about 2 hours before a game, one of our users (gen!e) wanted to get more people to comment on the thread, but accidentally posted MOAT COMMENTS instead of MOAR.  As a joke, some of our users (Dex and SoCalGal) posted pictures of moats.  Gen!e then thought that a moat symbolized a good defensive structure  and figured that building a moat would symbolize keeping others out of the paint, something the lakers haven’t done very well this year.  So he then created the picture above (with a nice little reference to the great Lewis Monroe) and the rest is history.

Derek Fisher's Intangibles


A meme that pokes fun at the other aspects that Derek Fisher supposedly brings to the team outside of his poor defense and inability to finish on fastbreaks, aka the intangibles (things that dont show up in the box score).

WE WIN gif


posted by me after every Laker win.  UPDATE: Sasha has been replaced by Luke. (courtesy of Koshu)  



Whenever the Lakers are struggling or losing in a game, we jokingly like to use someone as a scapegoat, such as Andrew Bynum, even when he is in streetclothes. 

Luther Head


this is one of the newest memes.  It got started sort of when the Lakers were playing up in Sactown last month.  Luther Head, one of the Kings reserve guards played horribly in his minutes, forcing some really ugly-looking 3s which lead to some jokes about trading Kobe for him.  Last couple of games, Kobe has not been shooting the ball well, which tends to automatically prompt critics to say Kobe is a shot jacker, ballhog, and etc and this is where you will hear sarcastic remarks calling Mitch to TRADE KOBY FOR LUTHER HEAD.

SSR lexicon:

A-Bizzle: Andrew Bynum

AMMO: Adam Morrison*

Blakers gonna Blake/ Blakey: Steve Blake

Barnesers gonna Barnes: Matt Barnes

Candiman/ Khlomar/ Khlodom: Lamar Odom

Craccquioouu: Devin Ebanks' weird twitter catchphrase

CUHKIES: cookies

DC: Derrick Character

Gar: Kevin Garnett

The Filipino Mafia: reference to all the Filipinos on SSR (bernel, imposibol, mrkn2ny, zanarkand, domz, grail, bobc-lakersfan, franville, crushmybones, koshnu, altree) 

Intangibles: Derek Fisher

JoFar: Jordan Farmar*


KWKI: Kinda Weak Kobe Imitation

Mamba: Kobe 

37YOTR / Minerals/ Manhood: 37 Year Old Theo Ratliff

Mr. Sharapova/ Sashapova/ DNP-CD: Sasha Vujacic

Nazgul: Miami Heat 


PUJIT: Pull Up Jumper In Transition

Queensbridge: Ron Artest

SAKI: Sick Ass Kobe Imitation

Swagbro/ Son of Bill: Luke Walton

The Shaw: Brian Shaw

The Spaniard: Pau Gasol

UPS/ The Brown Mamba: Shannon Brown

WAKI: Weak Ass Kobe Imitation

WALIT: Weak Ass Layup In Transition

*no longer play with the team

Note: Let me know if I missed any other memes or should add more info.  

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