Book by Ron Artest?



Ron Artest.



Love him or hate him he will never let you down on the interesting factor. He is by far the most interesting man in the NBA and I dare say in all of American pro sports. Since the beginning of his career he was something of an enigma. We all know he was born in Queensbridge, New York on Nov. 13, 1979 and if you did not know, well now you do. He had 271 steals in his 1st two seasons in the NBA breaking the record of one Michael Jordan. And awesome is the fact that when Ron went to college he was a mathmatics major! How cool and odd is that. I am not trying to write a documentary on Ron but will put some facts in.

If it happened......would YOU buy and read a book from Ronald William Artest Jr.???

For years he has done tons of charity work in Africa feeding children and helping with HIV testing and such. He is also a spokesman for PETA (I would LOVE to hear a conversation with him and Mike Vick) and he chills out with Bob Barker (joke) on the whole animal birth control thing about spay and neutering pets. And according to his website he personally covered costs for peeps getting their pets snipped. He has played in several wheelchair charities? like how cool is THAT! And he does plenty of charities throughout Queensbridge for all kinds of stuff.

Not even to mention auctioning his ring for his favorite charity........

It is even reported that he will give half or all of his salary to charity.....

He was pulled over by cops in this here..... 500x_tmz_ron_artest_medium LOL!


And if you forgot about it he tossed Trevor Ariza's shoe off the court! HA! Talk about great D-fence!

And do not think for a second where the BEST Ron Artest interview came from. Its from when the Legend interviewed himself for f*cks sake!!

The NBA Playoffs 2010 had some of the most amazing interviews all time in basketball history and mostly because of Ron Artest! How could we forget his game winner VS. the Phoenix Suns?? Ronartestgamewinner_display_image_medium

And the Game 7 interview will be stuck in all Lakers fans minds forever! It is a part of lore now even though it was mere months ago. Instead of partying with fellow Lakers after the game was over the man jumped around through the stands to hugh five, hug, and celebrate with FANS! And who could forget him thanking his psychiatrist and being amazed by the Wheaties box! Dude is forever enshrined in Lakers lore no matter what. He is the master of the MOAT for us Silver Screen and Roll types. He will always try and keep our MOAT secure. Thanks .........RON!!! QUEENSBRIDGE!!!! 2a8gqdy_medium  

Ron is SO crazy and into Basketball he understands history and the future which is why he wants to be POSTERIZED by Blake Griffin!! LOL D-fensive stud like him WANTS to be posterized by this young beast! HAHA only RON.

His favorite movie is Titanic since his kid was born when it came out and something to do with a frozen baby scene. And he wants to do a song with Celine Dion...yanno the Titanic song she did? Go peep this haha....

His favorite planet is Pluto (even though it is not one anymore, and it was Sarge's TOO!) and would love to go ice skating there. After he won the NBA championship he went (in full uniform) to eat with his family. He said after the Championship that he didnt want to goto Disneyland he would rather goto He went into the lockerroom after the Lakers lost to the Celts in the 2008 NBA Finals walked into the shower where Kobe was nekkid and told Kobe he was comming to LA to help him win a Championship. Which in reality came true one year later! Ron also went on Jimmy Kimmel in just his boxer shorts and Chelsey Lately with a pair of pants with pics of Chelsey saying something about it being hard to get into her pants so he wore He also has the coolest harcuts imaginable as well...


Ron Artest has done just about anything and everything. Nobody can forget the Brawl, but i think he has come a looooong way since then. Thank God for Ron Artest and all he has brought us.


We all love Ron Ron....if you have any ideas please let me know. Anything YOU have seen or heard about him that's nuts or you just like? This is defanately a thread SOLELY about all things RON related. please bring info about the TRU WARRIOR.

So the question remains.....would you, if you could buy and read a book by Ron Artest??

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