Lakers Fans: The "Orange-Skinned" Masses

So, I don't know if you guys are aware, but I got this new gig as a moderator for a cool basketball team fan site. It's called Silver Screen and Roll. Heard of it? Yeah, it's kind of popular and there are quite a few members and others who read it. You should check it out sometime.

Anyway, sometime during the last season, in May to be exact, I asked a question in one of the threads and it was, "Why do members of a fan site feel the need to go to other teams' sites and argue with their members about whose team/players is/are better? Don't we get annoyed, even pissed off, when rival fans come here and trash talk us/our team? Then why do we think they should tolerate it in their house? Isn't that a case of the pot calling the kettle onyx-colored?"

The responses I got ranged from "It's fun!" to "They need to know they're wrong" to "Why not?" to "I just go and read the comments. I never post anything" and finally "To see what other fans think of their own teams." At that point, the only site I had visited outside of SS&R was Celtics Blog because our supposed Finals opponent (Cleveland) was not faring well against the Celtics and it looked like we would be facing the green, that is if we made it past Phoenix. I never joined Celtics Blog because I had no desire to comment, and it didn't make sense to me to be a member of a community whose team I utterly despised. The comments were the usual hatred-filled rants of (some) Celtics fans. But there was nothing that compelled me to join so I could respond and smack 'em down.

Well, since I got this new "job" as a mod (which doesn't pay well in case anyone is thinking of applying), I suddenly realized it would be helpful for me to know who some of the people are who could potentially troll SS&R, just in case, you know, I needed to get the banhammer out. To that end I looked at the list of teams we get the most hate from and started reading some of the comments. I even joined a few "rival" sites on the off chance that I might actually comment someday.

Fast forward to November 3, the day we played the Sacramento Kings at ARCO. I was having an email conversation with BXF, who was actually going to the game, about some hate he was getting over at Sactown Royalty and decided to check it out. Let me just say that as a whole, that fanbase despises the Lakers and Lakers fans. Of course there are some individuals who are fine, but in general, YIKES! Blue was admonished by one of StR's moderators:

For emphasis, you don’t have to agree. But you will be respectful as a guest in this house. Or you will be invited to leave and return to your friendlier confines of SS&R, where you can seek solace amongst the rest of the front-running, wine-sipping, early-arriving, earlier-leaving, orange-skinned, water-stealing, Jack-worshipping, Kardashian-slurping, Vujacic-lactating, Kobe-humping minions.

After reading that comment, and some of the others that followed, I was very tempted to respond because I was actually kind of pissed that he would refer to all (or any) Lakers fan in such a manner. I, for one, have never, EVAR, slurped a Kardashian, and the idea that he would pin that on me/us was reprehensible. And "Vujacic-lactating"? WTF does that even mean? However, I refrained from commenting.

Now, some of you went to the post to read the whole string and see what all the fuss was about. I may be biased, but I did not see anything that warranted such nastiness, or even the warning to be respectful. Am I wrong? I was surprised at this comment coming from a mod to a visitor. It seemed like something that a member would say, not a mod.

Which brings up another question: Do site managers have any influence over members in terms of how they feel about other teams and their fans? Or do fans form their own opinions and simply enjoy what's written because it's well-written? Does this kind of "leadership" trickle down to the fanbase? Some people seem to think so, like the Suns fan, N8lol, who accused Dex of being unprofessional because he dissed the Suns in his game preview and post-game recap.

However, this is a person that is officially writing for the blog, which means that, in large part, he either represents the group’s opinions as a whole, or speaks for the group. If there are so many of you LA fans who disagree with his writing then he shouldn’t be writing main blog posts.

Its one thing to be sarcastic and mad when you are a mediocre team. Its okay to be mad at the world and take it out on others when you are the underdog. Its expected. But to be the LAKERS. Perennial champs for YEARS and to talk about other teams (with sarcasm or otherwise) in a demeaning way without provocation of ANY KIND by another group is down right shitty, professionally.

Bottom line: If you don’t want other fans to think you LA fans are d-bags then take a stand and do something about it. Its really easy to look the other way on stuff like this when you are winners. If you want to make a real impression, call people to a higher standard when things are going well.

He seemed to feel that all Lakers fans are horned monsters because of what Dex wrote, although he did apologize for lumping all Lakers fans together. But it's interesting that he felt Dex was abusing his "power", at which time I had to explain to him that Dex has no power over us except as a manager of the blog. FTR, I keep my horns well-hidden; I suggest the rest of you do the same.

Soooo, all of this to ask the question: How many of you visit, and/or are members of other sites, either on SBN or elsewhere? Why? What do you do when you go there? Have you been banned from another site? If so, for what reason? Should I have included a poll here? Let me know and I'll edit one in.

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