Fantasy Basketball and How I Came To Discover Sports Blogging

Part 1: Fantasy Basketball

So this is being posted early as hell in the morning because it is thanksgiving break and I have nothing better to do. So I decided to take a glance back at some older articles on the year that was 2005-2006 in NBA basketball. I came across a quote from David Friedman, over at 20secondtimeout, as I reflected on that year:

Unless something off the wall happens in the playoffs like the Clippers winning the NBA title, 2006 will always be remembered as the year that Kobe was unstoppable, whether or not he wins the MVP.

So I took a little longer to think about what happened in that school year and what I most remember. The thing I remember most, for some strange reason, was I was so pissed at fantasy basketball over at Yahoo. One week in January, I was dominating this guy. I mean, I was destroying him in almost every category. I think I may have been losing turnovers, but otherwise sheer domination. It was Saturday, so I won that matchup pretty well. So I walk into school on Monday with a nice little feeling about myself because fantasy basketball victories are all I need to have high self-esteem. :) I turn on the Mac, sign in to my homepage, pull up my three stops: Yahoo Fantasy Basketball, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Mail. All at the same time because I hate having to constantly wait for loading and switching back and forth between pages. So I go to fantasy basketball and notice that the new guy I'm playing is kicking my ass. And I'm like what THE hell, I can't lose in fantasy basketball, uh uh, I'm bout to trade somebody right now (for Luther Head, who coincidentally happened to be on my other team lol). I look at the score and he's overtaken me in points by like 100 on the first day and I'm like WTF!!!! I look at the box score to find the culprit and all I read is Kobe Bryant and the number 81.

That is my biggest memory from the year that was 2005-2006. I probably made a couple friends, we won a state championship for soccer that year (first part of a repeat we had during my high school days), they pretty much finished building our new fieldhouse, and a lot of other stuff, but for some reason this memory always sticks out. The main reason is because I had decided not to watch the Lakers that Sunday night and boy, do I still regret that to this day. I had checked the box score at halftime and the Lakers were down by double digits at half, so I didn't feel like bothering because I knew it would just distract me from my work that was due the next day. So I see the numbers and I'm frantically searching for what the hell happened between halftime and the end of the game and the rest, as you say, is history because EVERYONE knows what that year in the NBA really was. It was the year in which Kobe Bryant indeed was unstoppable. (For haters who want to point it out, Kobe proceeded to follow his 81 point performance with a 7-22 night against Golden State, Lakers won in OT)

Part 2: How I Came To Discover Sports Blogging

So how does this relate to how I discovered blogging and online sports writing? Well I'll give you a link to the article I read that day by the lovely Steve Kerr from back when he was blogging and beat writing with Yahoo!. I was, of course, cheering on Kerr's opinion, but Kerr turned on me in the end with this piece. Thus began my relationship with Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie sports blog, which began shortly after Kerr's departure sadly the next year, and gave way to the pretentious and snobby writing of Kelly Dwyer after a couple months of Kenny Smith, who also wrote with Kerr, really holding down the fort by himself. I feel so silly looking back on it now. How I used to feverishly check the daily updates everyday for what was new. How I used to actually sit and write books worth of responses to people on why Kobe is not an epic failure in the finals and why Kobe was better than Lebron and how he didn't run Shaq out of town. Look at me now, I've found a place where I can do all of those things again. Oh, how good it feels to be young... again. lol. All of this is possible because I took a little time to read what Kerr wrote then and kept reading about Boom Tho and all of a sudden a link popped up for the lovely site I am posting this fanpost on now.

Anyway, the purpose of this story was to ask everyone: How were you introduced to the sports blogging world?


OT (Yes, I'm doing it in the middle of my own post): I still miss this guy's posts on BDL. I wish he would come back, but alas I do not think it likely that he shall return. Damn the NBA scouts and their inability to see the potential of this young man right in front of them. His last post seems so down and dejected that he hadn't "made it" yet.

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