Sorry Ladies

A couple recent postings have happened here on SS&R that I would like to address. Two of my own and two of others. First, I will address my discretions and then i will go on to express my concern for the others, along with a little background to expose a trend that I have been noticing.

First, I would like to apologize for two posts I made in a thread on the Shannon Brown player preview page. In response to BigSkyCat explaining to Sarge about only noticing boobs in the fanshot section because of sight familiarization, I posted two pics of boobs on there with captions I thought fit what she was saying. I won't repost them because they have been removed and I already apologized to Dex and Chris for putting up the inappropriate content. After I posted them I regretted it, and wanted to get rid of them, goddamn edit button still isn't there. But seeing as how they have been removed problem solved, but I just wanted to apologize for that. It wasn't in good taste. I recognize that, and I apologize for it.

Second, the post that Sarge initiated the conversation with was referring to is photo in the fanshots section of a naked woman, covered in purple and gold paint that someone just PSed Lakers 3-peat onto the front of. Followed by a posting of the same pic only with the addition of Adam Morrison as the head instead of the woman who was on the first one. I did not find it funny, it wasn't exceptional PSing, and if anything all I was curious about was who it was in the photo, to me it still looks like Eva Longoria.

But I digress from my original point. The point being that we, the males of SS&R, do have a majority on this blog, but we also have a good following of women who come to this blog and contribute just as often, if not more than half of us men. With that, they see every little post we make on this blog. When I first came here, it was every now and then that we would see photos of women on this blog. Lately, its been happening more and more often. I was always amazed at the tolerance of the women here for some of the conversations that are struck up, considering not even I wanted to discuss half of these things considering few of them had anything to do with basketball. Maybe it was just because of the offseason.

From the photos of the reporter's butt that were constantly being posted around the time of the Jets incident, to the pictures of Ron with models that are half naked that are up, to the final step of posting a woman with no clothes on but with paint covering her body, I feel that things have begun to go too far. We do have males being shown with their shirts off including the Ron Artest pics I mentioned, but it is not nearly as often, and I think I could count on my hand how many different posts they've been in. Not to mention that there is a difference in the intent of the photos.

Personally, I could care less about who posts what because if it offends someone and there is a discussion about it, it creates understanding, or at the very least creates a venue of discourse for why a person finds these things offensive and hopefully everyone comes out the wiser about their post choices in the future. However, this *sports* blog is not the place to show off these images or have these discussions. If this was Huffington Post or a News blog or Yahoo!, we'd be all clear, but we do not want personal views on politics, gender, or race to cloud the discourse we regularly have on sports or the enjoyment of those on the site who only come here for sports information.

So with all of that being said, I would like to apologize for my 2 posts that may have offended any of the ladies here on the site. I am also asking for any of the mods to take down the 2 fanshots depicting the naked woman and the naked AMMO because others have expressed a feeling of distaste and lack of respect. I also ask that for the future that we, as the male majority, take a little bit more interest in how our female counterparts might react to certain comments or images before we post them because I feel that the first of the two fanshots was just in bad taste. So once again,

Sorry Ladies,

Marty Mart

P.S. Season Start NAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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