The Outlier and Other Excuse Thread

In honor of the fans who likes to point out all the unusual things that lead to the demise of their team, I'm going to keep a thread this season listing all of the "outlier" reasons that the losing team lost for each and every game. Don't worry, Lakers fans will be equally mocked, although not as often, simply because the Lakers don't lose as much as most other teams.

This is also known as the "would've, should've, could've" argument.

I figure it's best to start this early and do it every day, and not get behind.

I hope to have every game cataloged here. Let's see how well I can stick with this! Might be fun, might be lame, but I'll give it a try! This post might get really long.

Without further delay:

Quick Update: Most of these are now direct true comments from fans, or at least based on true comments :)!

Thur Dec 16

"That was pretty much the worst officiated game I've seen in a long time!" (Wiz loss to Nets)

"What’s is funny is that we out-rebounded and got to the line more and still lost. But the telling stat is the assist to turnover…..16 assists to 18 turns did us in. They had 28 to 12. (plus a few bs calls)" (Hawks loss to Celtics)

"As well and as hard as we played, we lost the game because of a flop. A fucking flop. What a disgrace to such a beautiful sport." (Nuggets loss to Spurs)

Wed Dec 15

"Moves need to be made. I guess people are used to losing, but I find it highly irritating. Play the players that produce. Bench the ones that hurt us. We need better players..make it happen."

"Amar’e’s in & out no bucket to give the Celtics the ball with the scores level was the real killer. Considering everything he has done I can’t dwell on it too much but if that had dropped…if…if…if…"

"In a game where the Raps were missing three of their starters, they were absolutely dominated by a red-hot Chicago Bulls team."

"he Pacers rebounding woes continued; they were dominated on both sides of the glass. Granted, Indiana shot under 40% in the first half and the Lakers shot well above 50% all night, but lack of second chance shots for Indiana didn’t help keep them any closer than twenty."

"Ok, so there is no 'almost' in the NBA, but this sure feels better than getting blown out again!" (Cavs loss to Heat)

"Anyone remember the 2008-2009 Thunder? You know the ones that had Kevin Durant and Jeff Green in their second years with this rookie named Russel Westbrook? The same one that started the season 3-29 and had all the analysts debating whether they were going to be the worst team ever? Those kids turned out ok. Give us some time, we’ll figure things out." (Kings blow 23 point lead in loss to Hornets)

"We were in the game until that 2 minute stretch of lousy offense and ticky tack fouls!" (Houston loss to OKC)

"Memphis had it’s team intact, no injuries, they won 3 in a row, at home, rested, they were ready to go. We played without Wallace and Tyrus and I say Tyrus because by the time he got into the game in the 3rd quarter we we’re already down by 20 something points after only playing 2 minutes the entire first half.
 So we we’re left with Carroll who got 13 minutes of playing time which is way too many minutes, Henderson (who LB said wasn’t ready to play two days ago) is given 10 minutes of play for some unknown reason. Then we look at Livingston who only got 15 minutes of play because LB hates his YMCA style of play, Jackson played horrible if he’s our best offensive player and he’s not making shots with the support LB put around him we’re bound to get beat bad."

"Wow, that travel by Ginobili was ridiculous. If it’s called, we have possession with .7 on the shotclock. I don’t know if we had a timeout, but if we did, this would be a completely different game. How do they not review a key shot like that"

"25-33 FTs for Phoenix? What can you say? Our defense was weak? Yup… but still that’s ridiculous. Not going to win many games like that."

"I suppose the Blazers could claim a moral victory for keeping the game close in the end but their general inconsistency in any trends but the bad ones make that victory seem pale."

Tues Dec 14

"The Wizards began the game without John Wall and Andray Blatche, but then they also lost Yi Jianlian early in the first quarter due to a knee injury!"


I get it now. "Terrence" was too manly for the style of play we have." (Nets loss to Sixers)

"All I gotta say is is the Raps win this game if Andrea stays on the bench……"

"Mo Evans is hurt and only played 14 minutes tonight. I doubt he would be playing if Joe Johnson was healthy enough to play. If Wilkins is up to speed with everything then it might be time to let Jordan Crawford soak up some of the minutes at shooting guard and sit Mo for awhile. "

"Turnovers and Houston Threes. That's what really lost us this game." (Kings loss to Rockets)

" At least two more players needed to come up big for Orlando to have a chance against this hot-shooting Nuggets team."

"The good news is we're talented enough to beat these teams.The bad news is that we make SO MANY mental mistakes in games!" (Wolves loss to Warriors)

Mon Dec 13

"At least bad teams try for 48 minutes. This team only plays for 24 minutes a night."(Hornets loss to Heat)

"I just think the bench needs more time to find some synchronicity"(Blazers loss to Grizz)

"the Bulls had too much down the stretch? How about the Pacers couldn’t buy a shot and JOB lineups are head scratchers."

"We let a mediocre team let us beat ourselves."(Dallas loss to Bucks)

"The Jazz are a good team, and we played in Utah. Means little to lose to them. Plus, our bench may be our biggest problem. If we had a good bench, we would be far more respectable."

Sun Dec 12

"We could have won if the refs had been consistent on both ends. You need to call an illegal screen on Amare when it is blatant like it was before the Chandler 3. Then I am ok with the charge call on Melo even if it was a obvious flop. At least they are being consistent and not favoring the Knicks. Also hate that they had to audacity to call a flagrant on Nene, and then waived it off and somehow the Knicks got a technical free throw when it was the refs fault in the first place. Explain to me how the refs didn’t influence the outcome of the game?"

"Let’s not blow this out or proportion. The Hornets have only been blown out like this twice this season (last week against the Spurs and this). It’s not a big deal. These kinds of losses will happen about five to ten times a year for average to above average teams (which the Hornets are). It’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things."

"The shooting really killed us.

Morrow…6-17…6 missed 3’s.
Harris…6-17…0-4 from 3.
Farmar…3-9…5 missed 3’s."

"it didn’t seem that bad a loss to me.
I think a little tweak, and this could turn out OK.
Not a championship, but a good season." (Blazers loss to Spurs)

Fear the Sword looks completely unmoderated. They have no excuses, only disappointment.

"There has to be a stat about teams shooting a bad 3pt% on the 2nd day of a back to back!" (Clips loss to Magic)

Sat Dec 11

"The Clippers won, in many cases dominated, almost every aspect of this game. They outshot the Griizzlies (46% to 42%). They made more threes (7 to 4). They outrebounded them (43 to 31). They got more offensive rebounds (14 to 9). And yet they lost - because they turned the ball over 27 times!"

"33FT to 16FTs damn refs" (Pacers loss to Hawks)

"I think it's time MJ became owner and coach of the Bobcats!"

"We’re the record makers. If we’re not letting a random guy get his career high in points or rebounds, we’re letting an entire team set their franchise record for largest comeback victory. Unbelievable. I’m glad I’ve been away for the last week and haven’t actually watched a game. This is bad. And wrong. It’s badong." (Pistons loss to Raptors)

"There were a couple of times in the 2nd and the beginning of the third quarter that we could have gotten back in the game. But every time we were about to make it competitive they would come down and hit a huge three. The bulls shoot average 36% from behind the arc, tonight they hit 58%! Let me say that again 58%!

Derrick Rose was 5/6 from behind the arc. Keith Bogans was 2/3. Their starting backcourt had 7 3s, our entire team had 7 3s.

As much as anything I think their 3s doomed us."

"Mavs are a hot team right now. Come playoff time they will get taken out by a 7th or 8th seed. No worries the Lakers is who we need to beat!" (Utah loss to Dallas)

"This is pathetic. Kevin Martin, one of the most one dimensional players in the whole game, is lighting us up!"

"They simply made their jumpers and we didn’t. Every one of their starters shot 50% or better except Bosh who shot 46%. And, none of the Kings starters shot better than 45%, and that is just not going to get it done against anyone!"

Fri Dec 10

"We made one more shot than they did, and they only made one more three than we did. They were +5 on rebounds, but we were +4 on TOs." (Charlotte loss to Indiana)

"The free throw line did us in – they attempted 30 and hit .867, while we attempted 27 but made only .704. And 3 of their freebies were techs – 1 on Dray and 2 illegal defense calls. Our shooting percentage wasn’t horrible, but it was the difference in the game." (Wiz loss to Knicks)

"Look [Bargnani] took 17 shots and was 7 of 17 including 2 for 7 from 3 point range. If he was hitting his shots, he would have been more effective. Plus he had a a woeful 3 rebounds, zero offensively. Maybe Andrea needs to go get the ball on the offensive glass and put it back every now and then to supplement his offense!"

"This loss was largely a function of our inability to keep Oklahoma City off the foul line down the stretch. Overall ,the Thunder attempted a free throw every one and a half minutes. Durant and Westbrook shot 8 free throws, and a number of supporting players got to the line at least once or twice. Four of the Thunder's last possessions ended at the line, including each of their final three. "

" Last year, I promise you, we had the exact same issues. But they were towards the end of the season. We’re in December; we have plenty of time to correct shit. I believe we will have fewer problems this year after [Bynum] gets back."

"I think what we need to do is find a coach who’s devoted to bringing a motion style offense to Detroit. By that reckoning, I’d trade Rip Hamilton for whatever I can get, but try to get some draft picks out of it."

"You can’t complain too much about losing to the best team in the NBA on their home court missing Joe and Zaza and with Josh going down with an injury in the 3rd." (Hawks loss to Spurs)

"Adelman should have put [Courtney] Lee in more in the 4th since he was having a great game!"

"Hill and Nash are tired and probably aching from doing all the work. J-Rich is on a slump, Warrick except for his flashy dunks and spoonfed plays is a Lou Amundson 1.5, Barron is a one hit wonder…"

"Miles and Kirilenko had some uncharacteristically big games!'

" We have had the toughest schedule in the NBA through the first 24 games or so, we have to be patient with Keith Smart and this club.. I want to see them all healthy for once and that includes B-Wright. Like you said [David]Lee is not 100% yet and we can see that in the way he is playing, he isn’t being as aggressive on the boards!"

Thur Dec 9

"How was Jrue on KG? And why was Lou out there? Oh well we had the best team in the east on the ropes we just couldn’t pull it out."

"Devin Harris is hurt again!"

"Nelson just came back from missing a few games and clearly wasn’t his normal self and can’t forget how many others have had the bug too!"

Wed Dec 8

"At least a bulls win is bad for the heat"

"melo’s knee has the flu."

"Our starting 4 is injured. Our backup 4 was in foul trouble all night. Our third string is a rookie playing in his 5th NBA game, and looked a bit tentative. Kleiza did less than nothing in the fourth quarter." (Raptors loss to Knicks)

"Unfortunately, our shots stopped falling, their shots started falling and we had no one to guard the paint, which is where the Thunder won the game (50-38)."

"Detroit as a whole shot 37.5% from the field and 55.6% for FTs. Pistons not named Gordon or Maxiell shot a combined total of 18-62. Tayshaun, T-Mac, Monroe, Daye, and CV shot a combined 5-31.

And we got out-assisted 29-15. High on the Pistons for assists: T-Mac with 3."

"I wonder how good we could be if we had “that guy” off the bench that can come in and energize the team and get buckets when we start off slow. We just don’t have that.. we are woefully thin and inconsistent past Granger, Hibbert, Collison"

"Monta started chucking"

"I don’t think this game was refereed badly but they sure seemed in one hell of a rush to finish this game. There was a play in overtime when even with the replay you couldn’t tell who the ball went off of, but they didn’t even think about looking at the video." (Suns loss to Grizz)

"The rebounding is what cost us. defensive rebounding has to improve" (Jazz loss to Heat)

"I think any back to back on the road where we play a good team the first day and a crappy one the next is pretty much a setup. I rather have it reversed and actually split the series now and then. John Wall did not play." (Wiz loss to Kings)

"A 60 footer and a delay of game FT. that’s the margin of victory. and the Clips are always on the wrong end of it."

Tues Dec 7

"This team is crippled and just a average basketball team w/out [Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen]"

"the nets need a go to guy on offense….that will do wonders for the whole entire team"


"The Pistons are 4-0 on Sundays the Lions lose. If we can get the Lions to play every day the Pistons play, the Pistons will be world champs again."

"Too many turnovers and missed free throws. cut down to what the league average is in those two categories and we win the game." (Warriors loss to Mavs)

"amazing... all those negatives... no JRich, no Dragon, no Hak, Frye fouls out.... and PHX only loses by 7?...amazing..."


Mon Dec 6

"The Pacers were shooting 50% after the 1st Quarter. At half, they are shooting 60%! Annnnnnd 60% from 3!"

"Seems like our guys are not fully recovered from the stomach bugs and tired legs from last week" (Magic loss to Hawks)

"tl:dr but we win with Darko on the court!" (tl;dr = "too long, didn't read)

"Arroyo and Jones hitting 5 of 6 three point attempts didn't help our cause when we had Jennings and Salmons and Dooling and Ilysova throwing straight BRICKS, combined 8 for 36. You tell me how you win a game against anybody with four of your main rotation guys converting at that rate???"

"4-19 3 point shooting for the Thunder!"

"Raja Bell 4-5 three point shooting ... OUTLIER!"

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