some random stuff from the staples shootout doubleheader


I arrived at Staples at around 4 pm.  One thing that was different about the place since I last went was the brand new scoreboard, which btw is really nice.  Oh, and all the new LA live development.

For the Clippers vs Nuggets game, there was close to no one there. Maybe like a few hundred people and thats about it, which allowed me to move down a few rows for a better view.  Unlike typical Clipper games, they didnt have all the same sounds and video segments during timeouts. I dont think they even had a broadcast of the game.  Its hard to tell in that picture since its so dark, but the place was empty.  Sadly Blake Griffin did not play in the game, I think he got injured.  Oh and Melo still isn't with the Nuggets yet.  Guess he still wants to be traded or something I guess.  Clippers made things interesting in the last seconds of the game with some 3s but lost.


Brian Cook everyone!!!!  I know we all have pleasant memories of him.  He was actually pretty productive in this game, scoring 28 points, but not without making some errant passes :)


I had to take a picture of all the banners and retired jerseys, but there is something funny here.  Check out the black cloth below the 2008-09 banner.  I wonder what Staples Center management is trying to hide?


37YOTR makes a brief announcement to the crowd before the game started, which was cool.


Before the game started, I went down to the 1st floor to look for something to eat since there were hardly any places on the third floor. Lot of places sold the exact same things such as hot dogs and nachos except under "Staples grill" or "Stadium favorites."  that was semi interesting.


some notes about the Lakers vs Jazz game:

  • Raja Bell was loudly booed whenever he came within a nanometer of the ball or was announced.  It was pretty hilarious.
  • The crowd was close to sellout capacity for the game.
  • Deron Williams didn't play.  He was injured :(
  • Kobe was cold in the first quarter (I think he was 0-4 or something like that).  But in the 3rd, he hit almost everything and had a nice dunk too.  It was awesome.
  • Ron Ron continued his hot shooting from the field.
  • Gordon Hayward, the guy who missed the halfcourt shot in the Butler/ Duke game, had a good game and a nice pivot move in the 1st quarter.
  •  Steve Blake did not have a good game.  I think he missed all his shots.  Most of the bench did not look very sharp out there except Shannon.
  • Shannon actually shot very well out there.  He also had a nice block of a Gordon Hayward layup attempt before Ronnie Price or someone finished the play with a dunk.
  • Kyrylo Fesenko is the greatest big man of all time.  Fouled out after only 14 minutes and 5 points.
  • Odom had a pretty sick dunk after a play was called dead.  It was a cradle dunk I think.
  • Jerry Sloan got called for his 37,658th tech after giving a ref grief over a missed call on a Gordon Hayward layup.
  • The crowd got kinda annoyed that Phil didnt put Kobe in the game for the last minutes of the game.  I was hoping too for maybe another gamewinner. But yeah, its still only pre-season, so I cant fault Phil for that.
  •  Devin Ebanks got called for a foul and a tech in the final minute of the game and that pretty much iced the game for the Jazz.
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