Dwyer does it again

Let me start by saying I love reading Kelly Dwyer's column, for the most part. He knows what he's talking about and when he's actually watched the game you get great analysis of each game. The only place I ever disagree with him is 1. his over-reliance on stats to make his point and 2. his opinion on Lebron James as the Best PLAYER in basketball. The funniest thing about KD of course is the fact that so many people claim to hate him and mistake him for a woman. lol.

Anyway, he wrote his latest January Edition of where the NBA is in terms of awards, go to,211875 to view his list for MVP, DPOY, ROY, 6MOY,MOIP, and COY

MVP: Now, I stand firmly behind Lebron not being MVP for many reasons. I won't get into that. But what I didn't like was that Tim Duncan was put second after all the reasoning mentioned would have you thinking that he should have been no. 1. KD does this often, he'll say you know Lebron needs to work on his footwork and his post-game and his jumper and all of these things, but he is still the best player in the game. Don't know what he means by best player at that point cuz he just argued a lot of things away from him, unless he's hoping that after 7 years in the league he hopes LBJ will develop some of those things. So to me, to mention Tim Duncan and not put him at no. 1 after his teams been injury-depleted and he himself is old and plays less minutes seems to me ridiculous. Why even put him on the list if penalizing him for minutes played? There are so many other players who play more minutes. Anyway, he got his page-view quota by putting Kobe at 3rd, so I guess who cares.

DPOY: Now, I don't watch enough of every team play to be like oh yeah I know this about this guy or that about that guy, but Anderson Varejao does not deserve to be on any list for any award at any time. I could care less about the other two he put up there. He has Anderson Varejao as the 2nd best defensive player of this year so far. Come On Son, Anderson Varejao shouldn't even be getting paid as much as he does let alone play as much as he does. Ridiculous. The other two, Artest and Webster, are both great defenders. Its always hard to make the judgement on this and ultimately it comes down to who has the stats each year. Not just the steals and blocks, but the APM and the PPP of the opposing team and how the players the person was guarding did. But yeah, Varejao definitely shouldn't be on this list.

MOIP: Zach Randolph has been good for a while, he just never decided to play. I don't believe in rewarding him for prior laziness. Marc Gasol is a good player. Thought so last year and I think so this year. Not quite as skilled as Pau yet overall, but still he's a Gasol. lol. Don't watch enough of Beno Udrih to comment on him, so I'll just leave him alone. Point is Randolph shouldn't be at the top of this list.

COY: Such an arbitrary award I could care less. I do think the coaches of the Grizzlies and the Kings deserve it, but as he said you could agree with most coaches put into this conversation.

ROY: I like Jennings, but thats because Milwaukee is in my home state. Don't even really like the Bucks as they traded away everything for the future Michael Redd who now sits on the bench. The same way they've traded their good players so many times through the years. Almost as bad as the Indians. lol. Anyway, I digress. I like Jennings, but besides the 55-pt game he's been an average rookie most nights. Evans on the other hand, I agree with KD, has been killing for the Kings and its hard to argue against that. I do think Russell Westbrook shld be mentioned in the discussion of ROY tho just to add diversity and not have two Kings players on the list.

6MOY: I would instinctively think Odom for this except, he had to start almost a third of the games thus far this season for Pau being out. I do like Landry, he's a good player and tough as hell too. Losing teeth, getting them re-made and then playing the next night, just ridiculous. Maggette shouldn't be on this list. And Manu hasn't really been Manu for the majority of this year. Stats look good, but he hasn't been as much of a game-changer as usual. Other players should've been put here like Crawford or since he had the nerve to put Varejao above put him here too since this is where he would make most difference just other players more deserving.

Overall, these lists served their purpose. In the last couple days, it has gotten over 500 comments and who knows how many views. Most of this was the usual KB vs LBJ talk, but still some people also came to say, they hated the woman Kelly Dwyer or that the blog shld be demolished. Some people also came to point out that statistically some of his stuff was wrong. Like the whole Zach Randolph thing and the 6MOY and how he broke those guys down. Mostly though, Everyone, myself included, was there because his MVP list is BS if I ever saw it. He could've put Melo, Dirk, Nash, Bosh, and a slew of other people in there to make a good list, but instead I get a BS list of bias for Lebron and reasons against his anointment as King again like the Spurs leaning on Duncan and Kobe playing through a busted hand. Just too many reasons against it to just put him up there and just be like well his stats show everything, and then proceed what the stats don't show about the others, team effectiveness and injuries. Not a KD hater, just hate when he tries to pull junk like that, its so annoying.

P.S. I come here to write this stuff out because writing on yahoo, only gets ridiculous responses over the course of the week that just get me distracted away from my work as I check through pages and pages to see if anyone responded to me when I could just get responses below. Anyways, let me know what you think.

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