(Sarcastic) Trade Idea!

In the spirit of the trade season & all of the unbelievably incredible idiotic rumors floating around, I thought I'd propose a totally realistic ridiculous trade that I believe would help us for the present and unforeseeable future as well.  Here goes....

Sasha Vujacic, Adam Morrison & Josh Powell for Aaron Brooks, Carl Landry & Kevin Durant.  It's a successful trade in the trade machine at ESPN, so it must be reasonable right?

Why for Oklahoma City: Morrison is the next Kobe Bryant. He is just waiting for the right time and the right team to unleash his unworldly talents. I mean, look at him, he looks like an NBA superstar. The 'stache' makes him more aerodynamic, so he can blow by defenders, and it also is the key to his newly acquired 50 inch vertical. Time to ditch the superstar and let Adam play.

Why for Houston: Two words, The Machine. Need I say more? And you also get Josh Powell. He is the next pure shooter in the NBA. He uses his unbelievably accurate shot every time it touches his hands. His accuracy only works when he is behind the 3 point line, but that is where he stands at all times anyways. He also gets rebounds at an insane rate. See the box score below for proof. (stats were taken from the Jan 27th game vs. the Indaina Pacers).

2:27 LAL – J. Powell misses a layup
2:38 LAL – J. Powell offensive rebound
2:40 LAL – J. Powell misses a layup
2:40 LAL – J. Powell offensive rebound
2:41 LAL – J. Powell misses a layup
2:41 LAL – J. Powell offensive rebound
2:42 LAL – J. Powell misses a layup  

That is 3 rebounds in 4 seconds. Imagine how many he would have in an entire game. He just needs the minutes, and the Lakers cannot give it to him.

Why for LA: Yeah, it would be hard to part with Sasha, Adam & Josh for chemistry reasons, but I think the team could use some 'role players' instead of 'superstars'. The risk of perhaps not being able to resign these players after their contracts expire drives down the price a bit though.  Maybe we could get both teams to throw in a draft pick as well.  

PG - Aaron Brooks  

SG - Kobe Bryant  

SF - Kevin Durant  

PF - Pau Gasol     

C - Andrew Bynum            

Bench - L Odom, R Artest, C Landry, D Fisher, J Farmar, S Brown, L Walton, DJ Mbenga

Other unbelievably good news from this trade!!! The trade machine's analysis of this trade would be +12 wins. So, instead of currently being 35 & 11, we would be 47 & -1. Oh, please pass this on to Mitch. If anybody can pull this trade off, it would surely be him.

P.S. I love trade season, I really do. The rumors, smokescreens, deceptions, and outright lies are great lessons to teach our youth about the realities of big business.  What ever are we going to talk about in March?

P.S.S. Thanks to Jeff Clark over at CelticsBlog for the crazy FanPost idea.

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