Game 2 in Review -- Your LakerLinks

[Ed. Note: Thanks to Timbo for providing an overview of media LA media coverage of Game 2. Scroll down the page for the Utah perspective.]

Here's a few links to recaps to the Game 2 victory over the Jazzmen. I'm sure this just scrapes the surface, so feel free to add your faves in the comment section below:


Another sluggish start dooms Utah

by Lisa Dillman, LA Times

* * *   "We started the game a little bit sloppy," Kirilenko said before Game 2 of Sunday. "At halftime, we talked about it a little bit and we analyzed what we're supposed to do and we did way better in the second half.

"I think in order to win tonight, we have to be very concentrated from the beginning. Not let the Lakers jump on our back and get that lead. Kind of stay focused offensively and defensively."

Despite those intentions, that's what happened. The Lakers jumped on Utah, practically going for a piggy-back ride through the first half.  * * *

"Our biggest problem is trying to handle them inside," Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan said. "The people we have right now don't have a lot of length.... There are a number of things we can do a better job of."

And the much-talked about nastiness of the Jazz? Or the lacking of nasty?

"I didn't mean anything derogatory," Sloan said. "It can mean a lot of things." * * *

More after the jump...


Road to the top can be bumpy one for Lakers: Again they can't seem to close the door on the Jazz the way they would like.

by Mark Heisler, LA Times

The journey hits a pothole.

Just when it looked as if it were safe to pack their brooms, the Lakers, who gave out gold "The journey Begins 4-19-09" T-shirts Sunday, saw the seemingly-outclassed Utah Jazz cut a 20-point deficit to three, before a Staples Center crowd that spent half of Tuesday night celebrating and the other half gasping.

The Lakers wound up winning, 119-109, taking a 2-0 lead in their first-round series, and left the floor, knowing they have things to work on, like staying awake all game.

"We are a better team playing against them now than we were to start with," said Utah Coach Jerry Sloan.

"The first thing we had to do was player harder. The bottom line is, you've got to play hard and the rest will take care of itself. . . .

"That's the strange thing about this business. We're supposed to be eliminated in four straight games, but we'll see what happens." * * *


Lakers defeat Jazz 119-109 to take 2-0 series lead

by Beth Harris, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- The Utah Jazz played better and it still didn't matter.

Kobe Bryant scored 26 points, Pau Gasol added 22, and Lamar Odom had 19 off the bench in the Lakers' 119-109 victory over the Jazz on Tuesday night, giving Los Angeles a 2-0 lead in the best-of-7 firs-round Western Conference playoff series.

"We're not thinking about it being over at all," Bryant said. "We're thinking about Game 3."   * * * 


A Few Game Two Thoughts

by Kurt, Forum Blue and Gold

I think we know this about Utah — this is too good a team to roll over, and they are not going to quit when you get up 20 on them. D-Will doesn’t know how to quit. This isn’t some lottery-bound team without the talent or pride to make a push back, this is a quality team in the playoffs. They are going to give the effort.

What would be nice is not to help them, to not make sloppy turnovers (Kobe, I’m looking at you with your poor imitation of a Kevin Love three-quarters court outlet pass). It would be nice to crash the boards hard on the defensive end, body people up rather than expect our length to carry the day, and just grab the ball.

But I’m not complaining about the wins. If I were on the coaching staff I would be, if I were a player I would not be satisfied; but we fans have the luxury of looking at a bigger picture and seeing a comfortable first round win coming. * * *


Once again just short of a great script

by SPQR, Lakers TopBuzz

In a town built on celluloid make believe of the silver screen, where reputations and careers are predicated on the success of your latest movie, the Lakers opened up their second production in three days last night to mixed reviews.

The team opened up by forcing its will on Utah, hammering them down low in a first quarter attacks of its bigs, Drew and Pau, to set the tone for another likely blowout. And like their first game, a script that was so tight and promising for viewers in the first act began to come apart with some very sloppy writing on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court showing that this team can defiantly take a refresher course on how to not get bogged down in the long second act and wrap up all the lose ends in the closing third segment.

While the flow of this game did not totally match that of the first, the overall concept was the same and one has to ask: why did they do a remake of a production that missed the mark the first time it was released on Sunday?   * * *


For Lakers, a good start doesn't equal a good finish

by Jeff Miller, Orange County Register

LOS ANGELES The Lakers' lead was double digits, Utah coach Jerry Sloan was demanding a timeout and the Jazz was looking at the very real possibility of being down two games to none.

And Kobe Bryant hadn't even taken a shot yet.

Nearly finished the opposition with their start. Again.

For the second consecutive game in a series only two games old, the Lakers set the tone by almost setting the Jazz as convincingly as the sun sets itself.

Of their first 17 field goal attempts, only two missed. They opened 4 for 4 on three-point tries. The Lakers were pitching Spaldings into the Pacific, scoring 41 first-quarter points to lead by 12.

"Quite an offensive show," Coach Phil Jackson said later.

So what did this outrageously successful start get Jackson's team? Some strangely eager moments in the second half, the entire second half, meaning right down to the game's final possessions. * * *


You get the idea. In summation:

1. Game was ultimately won with the crazy good first quarter.

2. Fast start, weak finish. Ended much closer than it should have...

3. Jazz not going to roll over, but not going to win this series either.

4. Lakers are not exactly clicking...

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