MORE Kobe vs Lebron????

Are you tired of the Kobe-Lebron comparisons? Eh, maybe a little bit. It's like, leave these guys alone and let them be who they be! ... But after the demolition of the Nets, things are slow round Lakers Nation. Just waiting for the tough road games to start to see what we have here with this year's team.

So here's another Kobe-Lebron comparison for you to digest. It's really a guilty pleasure, sorry in advance to Cavs/Lebron fans who will take this personally, I ain't mad atcha. It really is low brow to be picking on Lebron talking in the third person. All in good fun.

IF I didn't know better, I'd say that Charley Rosen was a super-troll!

Please click through to the article at Fox Sports, as I this was so juicy I had to copy and paste the whole section,so give Uncle Charley some clicks at :

Straight shooting

Because of his gigantic talents, his overwhelming power, his freight-train speed, his resounding dunks and his chase-down blocks of breakaways, most NBA watchers believe LeBron James to be the best player in the league.

While conceding LBJ's gargantuan upside, I humbly beg to disagree. By my lights, the honor belongs to Kobe Bryant.

Here's why:

LeBron's pregame hijinx are just another notch against him compared to Kobe. ( / Getty Images)
  • Kobe's low-post game is much more effective than LeBron's. This is somewhat puzzling given LBJ's size, strength and ability to finish.
  • Kobe's left hand is better around the hoop, and his off-handed shots also have better range.
  • Kobe has a better handle, both in and out of traffic.
  • There's no comparison between Kobe's reliable jumper and LeBron's erratic one.
  • Kobe is a more reliable shooter at the free-throw line — 84.0 percent lifetime to LBJ's 73.8.
  • No right-minded observer would disagree Kobe is the best clutch shooter extant.
  • Although he often is hypnotized by the ball, Kobe is still a superior defender.
  • In the attack zone and on the outskirts, Kobe enjoys a considerable advantage in sheer creativity.
  • Given that LBJ measures 6-8, 250, while Kobe is a mere 6-7, 210, their offensive rebounding stats are significant. James averages 1.3 while Bryant's average is 1.2. All things considered, then, it's clear Kobe also out-performs LeBron in this category.
  • Whereas LBJ's pre-game antics are often childish — all of the dancing, fake photo-snapping, showering court-siders with rosin dust — Kobe has a much more serious and focused approach.
  • Unlike LeBron, Kobe doesn't use the imperial third-person when talking about himself.
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