No one respects the Nuggets???


Stop laughing Kobe, the Nuggets are for real...

Waking up today after yesterday's debacle, I saw an article on yahoo sports by Marc Spears about how the Nuggets proved themselves last night  and showed up the people who have "disrespected" them such as the media and a few Laker players.  To start off I do not believe that the Nuggets were being "disrespected," even before the game by anyone.  Here I will dissect Marc Spear's article to show you why this is a myth.  

 The Nuggets are still haunted by their loss to the Lakers in last season’s Western Conference finals, still trying to prove they belong on the same stage with the league’s elite. They feed off disrespect, perceived or real, and they listened this summer as everyone gushed over the roster improvements made by their peers. 


Hmm...they made it to the Western Conference Finals, and pushed a team that won 65 games in the regular season to 6 games.  Isnt that already legitimate proof to everyone that they are a contender???  No way people with brains would call a team that made it to the Western conference Finals a fluke or an illegitimate contender.  

The Lakers should know that by now. Prior to Friday’s game, Phil Jackson said he considered Denver "among the three or four" top teams in the West. Even then, however, he wasn’t ready to call the Nuggets a rival.

"The Sacramento Kings are our rivals," Jackson said. "They’re a California team. They’re close to home and all that stuff."

Sorry but on this I agree with Phil.  This is not a rivalry...yet.  Both teams have began playing at a high level only will take a few more playoff series in the future like the one last year for this to be considered a true rivalry like it was with the kings or spurs...not just a few regular season games and in no way should this be treated as a sign of disrespect.  

"Nobody picked us to win nothing," Kenyon Martin said. "The so-called experts, basketball experts, people ain’t never dribbled a ball, ran a suicide or nothing, the so-called experts [doubt us]. Oh well, man."

4104891850_f2171b436f_medium one picked the nuggets to win anything??? The ones that picked the Lakers said they would win in 6-7 games.  I know this is a tiny sample from the sports media world, but the idea that no one believed in them is completely absurd. 


The bottom line is that the Nuggets have been getting much deserved respect and have been considered a true contender in the west by the media and other teams.  The game last night was not a statement game in any way shape or form.  It was a big win for them but it did not "prove anything" to begin with..


Shaqfor3:  1   Marc Spears:  0

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